Recommendations for safe and pleasant recreation on the yacht

Recreation on the yacht can bring a lot of joyful moments as well as all recreational activities related to nature. However, to make the recreation particularly enjoyable and to avoid misunderstandings, we have made some recommendations.
The captain is the key! Sailing is a way of relaxation that requires safety. Although you have rented a yacht with crew that takes care of the safety of your trip, you are also required to take precautions. They will be communicated to you by the captain or the crew. And they do take it seriously! If the behavior of passengers threatens the safety of sailing, the captain will immediately head the nearest port and stop the journey.
Choose comfortable and weather-conscious clothing. Although the sailing season in Latvia is in the summer, however, the weather conditions can be very variable and do not always give only sunny and pleasant weather days. Remember, the on the water is always much cooler and windy! Therefore, we recommend always wearing warm and wind / waterproof clothing. Then you will also enjoy with full breasts the beauty of a rainy day.
Suitable shoes are the basis for safe sailing. It is prohibited to come on bort with high-heeled or platform shoes, as you can traumatize yourself slipping. In turn, step-ins can slip from the legs and cause a risk of injury, but the bare feet can easily bump or crush. Therefore, we recommend choosing comfortable, safe and non-slip shoes.
Do not forget about the sunglasses and protective cream. Although we are accustomed to whining on cloudy and rainy summers, the on the water you will need both a sunblock, sunglasses and a nail hat.
There is always a good appetite on the water! We recommend snacks and drinks. It is forbidden to use red berries and their drinks on the yacht, so as not to leave irreplaceable stains on special dye-coated surfaces, as well as greasy foods that can make the surface slippery and add risk of trauma. However, there are plenty of opportunities for tasty lunch. We recommend that you also bring disposable tableware, since the use of glassware for safety reasons is prohibited.
Do not leave unnoticed items! Both the camera and the phone, a dish or a glass of beverage can easily go overboard and irreversible become Neptune's property. Note that fishing of overboard items from yachts  is virtually impossible due to the continuous movement of water. Therefore, hold the dish and glass in your hands, and place valuable things in the yacht hull or use fixing strips.
Modesty, only modesty! It is not forbidden to use alcoholic beverages on the yacht, but we ask you to observe modesty in particular so as not to endanger yourself and the surroundings. Do not be forget - the location on the water is an additional risk factor.
Forget about time! While yacht rentals are tied to a specific time, do not base your plans for a specific time returning to the port. Due to the changing natural conditions - wind, waves, currents of water - the journey can be unexpectedly extended.
No Internet! Yes, although Latvia boasts an excellent Internet coverage, there may not be an overlay of the Internet on the water. After all, you do not have to look at the screen, but around!
The child is a special passenger. Before going on a yacht, we recommend that  parents prepare the children - discuss issues related to safety on the water. Explain to the child that the yacht can not be stopped immediately or at any chosen location, so the journey must continue until the port. Recall that the captain's directions are bound to be followed. Warn about the need to wear a lifejacket.
Sea demands silver! The legend says that anyone who first goes out at sea through the sea gates should donate a Neptune coin. It provides the seaside favor. So prepare the coin in a timely manner!

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