Multi-hull yacht Orion

The wise once said - Carpe diem!, and invited to enjoy this day, because the next one can not come up. Others added - the life of a person is short, but the time spent in the sea is twice as valuable. And they were right. Probably because they had learned the magic of sailing.

Today, sailing helps people to feel close relationship with the mighty forces of nature, find their peace and get rid of everyday rush and stress. It helps to recover as a costly detox for minds  tired out by contemporary urban life. Fortunately, in the mouth of the Daugava River, in order to realize the dream of white sails, it is not necessary to be born as a prince or to be a very rich man; here have been always a sea wolves and brave captains who gladly introduce terrestrial inhabitants to the wave kingdom.

For this purpose a great companion can be a multi-hull yacht "Orion".

Orion's constellation has always been a close friend and travel companion to the seafarers. Its stars can be used as a reference point for other stars and constellations. And Orion, the eternal hunter, is always looking out for the next adventure. The yacht "Orion" celebrates its famous name and calls for sea adventure!

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